Who are we?


We are Josh and Frankie. Two friends who believe in the serendipitous power of the universe. We met when Josh photographed Frankie’s wedding, and shortly after, Frankie picked up a camera herself. A mentorship ensued and through countless adventures since, this collaboration was forged.

We’re inspired by the very couples we service. Their stories make us swoon and their plans make us giddy with excitement and wanderlust. As artists, adventures and obsessive compulsive planners, we combine skills and pull from our vast professional networks to craft stories and experiences for couples who believe their love is worth celebrating!


All we care about is your experience.

You won’t find us on ‘The Knot’s best vendors’ list or any other cheesy blogs that bombard you with advertising. We simply attract couples who are drawn to emotionally charged imagery that tells a genuine story.

Here’s what one such couple had to say about us…


"Josh and Frankie were phenomenal, and that's an understatement. When my husband and I decided to elope in Florence, Italy, we wanted to work with someone who would capture our story without making the taking of the photos the entire story of our wedding day. Josh's discreet way of working allowed us to be completely present in the moment and uninhibited (a large part of why we chose to elope in the first place!), which resulted in not only a gorgeous, authentic, and candid photographic record of our wedding day and relationship, but also beautiful memories for us. We also can't say enough about how talented he is. We gave him a list of places important to us where we wanted photographs, and while some were definitely breathtaking, most were nothing special at first-glance. Josh can make even the most mundane places look (and feel!) epic. Josh's associate, Frankie, created my bouquet and my husband's boutonniere, and also organized hair and makeup consultants, all of which were absolutely wonderful and 100% on-point with our aesthetic. She came through in a clutch with the utmost professionalism during some unforeseeable hiccups in our day -- both my husband and I marveled at just how laid-back the entire experience was, and we owe a lot to her and Josh expertly handling things behind-the-scenes. Together and individually, Josh and Frankie have an exceptional gift for visual storytelling and depicted our day exactly as we experienced it. (They're also just wonderful people and a blast to be with when the camera's down.) Josh and Frankie far exceeded our expectations and we can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Katelyn & Carlos


Josh loves…

  • His wife, Amanda

  • His three children, Everly, Ezra and Eli

  • His home country (Australia)

  • Long drives

  • Short hikes

  • Vegemite on toast


The purpose of wedding photography isn’t to simply create pretty pictures. It’s to capture the essence of a day so well that the photographs trigger real memories to come flooding back to you, even thirty years later. It’s the delicate gathering and preservation of subtle moments and scenes that spark real emotions.


Frankie loves…

  • Her husband, Gordon

  • Her dog, Bruce

  • Their 1962 Airstream trailer

  • Yoga

  • Pasta

  • Wheel of Fortune


There are no rules to how this wedding stuff goes down anymore. Sure, you might want to give a nod to tradition here and there… but only if it’s inline with your values as a couple. The real trick to enjoying your experience fully, is to make it a reflection of your combined personal histories. That’s where we come in.