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The Kane & Co Concept

Our mission is to plan a wedding so personal and unique that you’ll feel like you planned it yourself, AND capture it so well that you’ll never forget a moment!

From all inclusive planning to laid back adventures, creating emotionally charged imagery that pays homage to your joint history is a delicate craft. Through a close relationship, we’ll get to the core of what makes you unique, and plan an intimate wedding or elopement that truly reflects your love.

Every love story is an adventure.
Where will yours take you?
And how will you remember it?
— Josh & Francesca // Kane & Co Founders


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It’s all in the delivery. Beyond planning and helping you navigate your wedding adventure, we want to make reliving your story a memorable experience in itself. In addition to your beautifully edited photographs, all couple’s receive a cinematic slideshow presentation that we carefully arrange to spark an intense emotional reaction. When all’s said and done, what’s left is the story and we know how to do it justice.


KATELYN + CARLOS // Florence, Italy

JENN + WILL // Smokey Mountains, NC

JENNY + COLIN // South Beach, Miami

HALEY + BRAD // The Bahamas



There are no rules. Let’s tell your story


We couldn’t be more addicted to this profession. And to make sure our hearts are in every story, we’ve come up with a process that keeps us passionately committed to your vision. It requires some conversation, but if you like what you see here, chances are sparks will fly when we meet. Then, come the big day, we’ll be celebrating with you as much as anyone!



Coffee or cocktails, skype or facetime… however it goes down, a conversation to share in your excitement and start throwing around some possibilities is the first step. We’ll be digging deep in to your story to start pulling some ideas that hold relevance to you. When it comes time to talk numbers, we’ll be clear and transparent with a custom quote just for you - so you know ahead of time what your investment will be.



Through research and continued conversation, we’ll hone your vision and present options on vendors, venues and shoot locations that reflect you tastes. We have a vast network friends in the industry to pull from when it comes time to lock down it down.

Depending on your level of package, we can even book it all for you. That way you can sleep easy knowing the bulk of the planning is in trusted hands.



When it comes to logistics, we’ll design a stress free schedule that flows naturally and keeps you (and your people) immersed and engaged throughout the whole experience. We’ll also set aside time for fun, spontaneity and creativity along the way, and initiate all the key formalities so no one is unsure of what to do. We’ll take care of all the moving pieces behind the scenes, so you can simply step in to the aesthetic you’ve envisioned without worrying about all the nuts and bolts.



Once the planning is done, all you have to do is float freely through each phase of your day and remain present in each moment. We’ll capture all the subtle moments and details as they unfold, and preserve them in a way that doesn’t just remind you what it looked like, but also what it felt like!

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
— Mark Twain



There’s nowhere we won’t go

Although we’re based in an amazing destination (South Florida), traveling is a big part of what fuels our passion. We’ve been to some incredible places with some lovely humans, and we’re enriched by every experience along the way. So don’t be shy! Swing for the fences and you might find that with our help, your dream destination is closer than you think.

Our favorites are: Tuscany, NYC, The Blue Ridge Mountains, The South Australian Coast and Yosemite National Park

Our wish list includes: The Faroe Islands, Egypt, Scotland, Tanzania, Marrakesh and Glacier National Park


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